Create multiple rectangles out of an array of points which are not in the same plane

How to create multiple rectangles from the array of points that are moved in the z-axis by a random value where all of the rectangles would be in different planes.
eg. A rectangle along pts 8,9,18,19
These rectangles would then be used as input for ArchiCAD roof command on grasshopper.

  1. Please post your definition, with internalized data.
  2. Those quads aren’t planar, so you can’t exactly derive a rectangle from the vertices of every grid module. You might be able to use the “fit plane” component on the points and put a rectangle on the plane, but it won’t create a closed roof.

They can also be just closed curves. As long as they join all 4 points, the ArchiCAD command should then be able to convert them (58.6 KB)

I don’t have ArchiCAD, but could this be useful? irregular (7.7 KB)

Yes, thank you so much Mark.