Create irregular curves from lines

Hi! Grasshopper beginner here. We have some drawings from a client and we’re engraving them on mdf panels. I’d like to add some “noise” to the original curves for a “hand made” look. I need something like the straight line in the screen capture but have to be able to use it on lines and curves, open or closed.

Any suggestions on how I could approach this?

Hiero single (17.6 KB)

Something like this? Closed curves that were originally closed remain closed, and undivided curves have been placed back into the list.
In my opinion the group at the top gives the best result.Hiero single (23.9 KB)

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Hi Mark!

Yesterday I came up with this one that works better than the original, but I like yours better as it’s simpler.

I’m just thinking on how to extend the ends to the original curve end point and randomize the divide distance but that’s just a personal challenge.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hiero single line (exploded).gh (22.8 KB)

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