Spiral lamp. Please help


Does anyone know how can i make this lamp in rhino? I’m pretty new to this program and i’m struggling. I don’t know what should i do first or what commands to use for this lamp.

I assume you are a student? What are you studying?
What have you previously modeled in Rhino?
Have you used any other 3D modeling software?
Do you know how to make an actual physical shape such as these lamps?

One approach to model this shape:
Spiral to create a spiral cross section for the top or bottom.
ExtrudeCrvTapered the cross section curve.
UnrollSrf the tapered surface. Label=Yes may be helpful.
Create a curve on the unrolled surface with the desired unrolled shape of the trimmed edge.
FlowAlongSrf the trim curve onto the tapered surface (or a copy of the tapered surface).
Trim the tapered surface using the flowd trim curve.
Experiment with different settings for size of the spiral curve, extrusion length and draft angle, and shape of the trim curve.

Example using this method:

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not your question but it was fun to try some ideas. Here a Grasshopper definition
It uses a special component named spiral

spiral lamp.gh (15.5 KB)

Render with Vray, the material is “paper lamp”


Thank you!

Hello! To answer your questions, Yes, i am a student. i’m studying interior architecture. I only used a bit of sketchup before. we are now leraning rhino. I previously modeled in rhino a chair, some basic shape lamps and john c. pew’s house. so I do know a few commands.
Thank you for your explenation, i will try again today.

Thanks for this Laurent…I like that I can grab all the edges half way through the script and pipe them

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Nice addtion.
I also made a version where it is not a graph mapper but a curve in Rhinoceros. I think it could be useful to make the last modifications. For example in order to not have a straight end. Border curve must be on a rectangle. It could be more simple to have a unit rectangle (a square), so the curve from GraphMapper could be copied and reused. Many solutions …

spiral lamp v2.gh (20.1 KB)

yes,I prefer the control this way…particularly if I play with the overlap of the curve with the squares border and pipe the curve…it would be great if the surface of the trimmed surface could be unrolled into a 2d form for cutting out…

Unrlsrf ignores the trimmed edges for some reason

that is a baked trimmed cone by the way…
Are you able to unroll your blue surface ?

You’ll have to use some tricks.
I use the Unroller from OpenNest/GeometryGym and I unroll the surface with the edge curves of the trimmed surface

thanks for that…
Funnily enough, I had discovered earlier that provided I let the curve overlap the square, I could unrlsrf from the baked surface and get the same result as with your method in GH

I have been making flowers from random shapes like this for years but never been able to predict a shape that could be used on any scale without cutting out from paper…this tool has such a wide potential…thankyou🥰

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