Create Filled Region in RIR


I am trying to create a filled region in Revit following this tutorial.

However, nothing is being created. I’ve tried with both a floor plan and a drafting view, neither of which worked. I’m using Revit 2021.1 ( and the latest version of RIR.

Any ideas why this isn’t working? @kike @eirannejad


@eirannejad @kike any thoughts on this?

Hi Paul,

I get this error when I try to run the Create Filled Region component:
'RhinoInside.Revit.Convert' object has no attribute 'ToHost'

Which happens at line 29:
revit_curves = [Convert.ToHost(x) for x in C]

I replaced that line with
revit_curves = [Convert.Geometry.GeometryEncoder.ToCurve(x) for x in C]

and it seems to work (for a rectangle at least!)



Thanks Giobro.

You’re fix worked, plus I was also trying to run it in a 3d view which isn’t possible in Revit.

It works for complex geometry too…

@Japhy @kike can we please add Create Filled regions to the wish list for development. The user object has a bug in it (see above) but it would be great if it were a proper node with element tracking.

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