Create Family Instance By Geometry possible?


Wondering if anyone has had success creating family instances by geomertry?

Trying to achieve something similar to SpringNodes FamilyInstance.ByGeometry (Dynamo).

Inputs: Geometry, Family Template, Family Name, Category, Material, Subcategory.
Output: Family Instance, Family

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi Tom,

I’m working on this, hope to have it soon.


Now is on the installer.
We have also added two other components called Family.Load and Family.SaveAs.

Please try those components and tell me if you miss anything.


New components are working, thanks again Kike! Amazing stuff! :slight_smile:




Wonderful Kike !

Are there any documentations for this as well? Wondering what ‘cut’ is for instance.

I’m sorry but not, still no documentation.

‘Cut’ here refers to subcategories for curves in the family editor.

Right thank you !
I am trying this out right now.
Do we get element IDs as well?

If you need an element id you just need to cast your elements to integers.

okay I didn’t know that! so I can do this for geometries generated in Rhino/Grasshopper as well…?

Rhino document object Ids are Guids instead of integers, but sure you can if you are referencing geometry from the Rhino document.

I see - thanks! I was asking if the Rhino/Grsshopper GUID can be translated into elementIDs in Revit. I’ll try your new family creation method…!