Create new dimension pattern

I would like to use some customized type of dimensions, apart from the linear, aligned, angle, radius… already implemented.

For example, the ones shown in the sample attached. A label to show a height level, or a customized dimension to define a slope.

Captura de pantalla 2021-02-13 211301|504x314

Is there any possibility to create these kind of cusomized objects?

Thank you.

Hi -

There aren’t currently any good ways to do that, no.

i wonder if text fields and customised leaders might work. i did not get into text fields completely but they do allow for dynamic values of some sort?

Hi -

Of some sort, yes.
I didn’t say that it wasn’t possible - only that there currently isn’t a good way to achieve this.

Using text fields and an attributed block, it takes 10 mouse clicks from when the Insert command is run to when the annotation is placed and you have no control over formatting (both number of decimals and length of the symbol). You also need to have placed points before you start the command. On the right in the picture below.

Using GrasshopperPlayer, you need some plug-in to convert text into curves or surfaces because native Grasshopper is rather limited when it comes to text. It can be a single click if you keep the options simple. On the left in the picture below.


I’m sorry to bother you again, I want to implement the annotation style in your diagram, and I’m currently using C# to try, but it didn’t work, can you tell me if it’s possible to create such an annotation style using C#, and which api to use? As a side note, I’m currently using the method of creating a leader and setting the arrowtype to a custom block, which hasn’t worked yet!

Hi -

Dale has already asked you to provide some code that doesn’t work for you:

Please do that and continue the conversation in that thread.