Create curved surface from 2d curves

Very new to 3d modelling, trying to get a ‘curved’ surface on a logo which will be machined on a Cnc Mill. I am trying to get a relief effect into the curves, it seems to be a very simple task, but I just cannot find a way of doing it properly. I have uploaded a 3dm file which should show below. Any haelp is greatly appreciated to this total 3d modelling beginner!

phoenix.3dm (692.7 KB)

Hello Percyspipes,

Have you tried ExtrudeCrv ?

Thank you,


I just ran the command and then selected all of the curves, then choose an extrusion distance.

phoenix.3dm (1.5 MB)

Hello @percyspipes I think you are trying something like this:

Hi Andy, yes, tried that, but this produces a flat top surface, I am after a curved top surface. Many thanks for your reply. Percy.

Hi Diego, Ah!!!.. Now this is exactly what I was looking for!..You are a star!..I have checked the spec on this product and have emailed Simply Rhino who have this available…Many, Many Thanks Diego!