Create cones by angle?

I’m trying to make cones with a specific degree spread. is there a way to do this? I also want to be able to extend the cone if it is not long enough.

Alternately, If I could create a spot light that I can do this with, I would be similarly happy.


Hello - I have a script someplace that will let you set one or more spotlights to a particular angle - would that help?


wouldn’t extrudeCrvTapered help here?

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Yes it would. I have not started using scripting in Rhino yet, but I’m interested to try.

Its a funny strange work around, but this works! It’s just a visualization, so this is enough accuracy. Thanks!

Hello - this is an old RhinoScript (Windows only)

Spotlight Angle_EX.rvb (2.6 KB)

To use it, drag and drop it onto an open Rhino window, and then use the command (actually an alias)