Ellipse by view angle script & plug-in

Hi All- just in case it is useful, for one reason and other a while ago I made this script and plug-in (V5, SR 9 and later) to create ellipses by entering the angle (from the horizontal - like the green plastic ellipse drawing templates of old) at which a circle would be viewed to determine the roundness (large angles, closer to 90) or skinniness (small angles, closer to zero) of the resulting ellipse.

If I did it right.

EllipseViewAngle.rhp (11 KB)
EllipseViewAngle.py (3.0 KB)

Drag and drop the rhp file onto Rhino to add the



Note you may need to unblock it in Windows - http://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/unblockplugin


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Here is a fun tutorial…

Hmm, well, I see a bug already, naturally. Hang on a bit…
Fixed, above.

Couple more tune ups

EllipseViewAngle.py (3.8 KB)

EllipseViewAngle.rhp (11.5 KB)

If anyone messes with this, let me know if the orientation of the ellipse might be better set on the short axis - might be more useful that way for illustration purposes.


Thanks Pascal- I had a use for that straight away.

OK, good! Here’s another little update that allows you to swap the axis you are controlling the ellipse with.

EllipseViewAngle.py (4.3 KB)

EllipseViewAngle.rhp (12.5 KB)