Create a surface that wraps a wall made of tires

TIRE WALL.3dm (2.6 MB)
TIRE (2.0 MB)

Hi, I’m designing a project with walls made of tires and covered with mud.
I was able to write a script that create the tire wall. Now I’m want to create volume that wraps smoothly all the tires representing the mud that covers the wall. I tried different things to achieve this but without success.

If anyone has a solution it would save me! :slight_smile: (in grasshopper or rhino)

Hi Romain,

have a look at dendro

TIRE (2.2 MB)

Also your geometry is very small and of center; this will bring it to the origin and scale it by 100:

Ho thanks a lot really! :raised_hands:
The location it’s normal the script is localised in relation to a dwg file and for the scale maybe it’s because I copy-paste this part of the script from another file in meter. But thanks for the remark :slight_smile:

Glad it helped. The location and scale is sometimes important. Dendro for example breaks occasionally if it is that small…

Good to know, I’ll pay attention to this :slight_smile: