Create a Surface From a Closed Curve

Problem Surface.3dm (43.7 KB)

In the attached file I have a closed surface. The Z value of ever point is the the same for every X value. Thus, it should easily define a surface.

How can I create a surface from it?

EdgeSrf wants at least 2 curves.

Hi Jim - if you explode the curve, take one half, duplicate it and then SetPt in Y, you can extrude the result and trim with the original curves. The rounded ends of the input curves means you’ll get some stacked points at the ends of the straightened curve, so you might want to fiddle that just a little before extruding.



Could this then be a feature request?

It can be a request, but I would not be too optimistic about anyone cooking up code to detect and do this automatically- it is simple enough to do by hand and you need to intervene to get rid of stacked points - which are relatively simple in your example, but could be all over the place with more complex curves…