Create a new system family type and load it inside revit project

Hi Guys,

Is there a way to create a new system family type within RIR and load it inside the revit project?

thank you.

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Certain specific system Families/types yes.

Which family type are you looking to create?

I am trying to create a new type of floor by using RIR, it doesn’t work for me at the moment,
Thank you guys for a quick response.

Hi Guys,

There is also a component called Duplicate Element, I am wondering if this is
use for duplicating an existing family type to be able to create a new type?

Hey @sketzjewel ,

You can use the duplicate type component and then modify the type properties as needed.

You can find more guidance in below link.

Floors can be created with the Add Floor component and the input is a level and a curve: Rhino.Inside®.Revit

That results in a editable floor.

Here is a quick overview of creating system Families: Rhino.Inside®.Revit

Thanks Mohamed and Scott, it is sorted now, cheers.

Hi @M.Tarabishy
Is it possible to create new types without creating new family?

Let’s say I have 2 different objects, I want to create 1 single family with 2 different types, instead of 2 families.
I’ve tried this workflow but the duplicated family has been deleted, despite that I gave two different subcategory names to the objects.

C Zou, Duplicate an existing Type to create additional types in a family. Then modify that particular types Type Parameters to suit.

Thanks for the quick reponse.
Is there also a possibility to change the 3D? Because my objects are not parameterized.

I managed to send them to revit, but each 3D is a family, idealy the same colour should belong to the same family. Or, maybe I think too much, it’s not very important to create different types.

C Zou, Can you explain more? not quite following.

Yes, for example, I’m modeling the lithologies.
I want to create a family for each lithology (argile_0 in dark brown), and different argile volume are just in different type under the family argile_0
But I couldn’t manager to create types, each argile are modeled as new family

  • Argile_0-71
  • Argile_0-72
  • Argile_0-73

C Zou, What defines a type then (if not parameters)?

This might be better suited for a DirectShape Type, where the visibility of different geometry is inherent. (10.6 KB)

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That’s really a great solution ! You’re the hero

May I ask you one more question.

There are two warnings.

Add DirectShape Type has warnings such as “3 Failed to convery geometry”, is it means that the script has rebuit the geometry in revit despite of these warnings ?

Add Direct Shape has messages of “Deleted Revit Direct Shape”, what does it mean? I checked the model in revit, nothing is missing.

Your geometry is not within tolerances. The geometry may still come through via some of the less than ideal Revit translations (mesh). The component will highlight in orange in Rhino the areas that are causing issues

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