Create a Mesh with Delaunay Mesh Component

I see, I think it has to do with the hashing algorithm that doesn’t distinguish well between {x,y} and {-x,y} but I am not sure, I’ve registered it here to correct it some day. Thank you for the report!

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Thanks for this def BTW… That’s a much better way of getting what I wanted in this case.

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@DanielPiker developed a beautiful algorithm to consider single points in the mesh creation using Quadremesh and Kangaroo.

I was playing with his definition an I was able to apply it to multiple floors as you can see in the image below:

As you can see the algorithm meshes every surface and ensures that the mesh always coincides with the points on the respective surface.

The issue that I came across is that only the 4th mesh is smoothed properly but the three lower meshes are not.

I think my problem is somehow related with the data management for the smooth. I tried to organize the data as much as I could. I addition I tested to run separate simulations per branch as per this post (Does kangaroo work with trees? - #3 by DanielPiker) but I got the same issue only one level gets smoothed.

I attached the Grasshopper definition for reference. Any comment or suggestion to point me in the right direction will be more than welcome.

FEM (36.6 KB)