Delaunay mesh points/edges excluded

Hellow, i encountered problem with the delaunay mesh. Is the any way to excluded edges, so the mesh became like on picture?
Appreciate your help!

delaunay (67.2 KB)

Cull faces with long edges. (70.0 KB)

P.S. Instead of culling faces based on perimeter length, you can use length of longest edge: (73.3 KB)

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Check this as well.

delaunay (67.2 KB)


I learned a few things by studying @HS_Kim’s model, as I often do.

  1. First, my own solutions could be simpler using Cull Faces instead of Delete Faces.
  2. Second, Face pretty cool and gives a better result than using face edges as I did.
  3. Third, and most importantly, there appears to be no point at all to your complex Kangaroo model? All the results are available in the cyan group below. Is there any reason for all that superfluous code? (20.8 KB)

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Yes, already noticed that changing geometry after kangaroo manipulations doesn’t influence on the result.
I studied both of your models, and @HS_Kim’s model, so i got a great impact on dealing with delaunay mesh.
Thank you both! @HS_Kim @Joseph_Oster

Maybe Face Circles isn’t better after all? A slight adjustment to the slider on my second version (cull faces by longest edge) isn’t bad at all.