Create a 2d Vector Output for Printing

I have a 3D object representing a ship. I have the elements color coded. Orange is watertight bulkheads, blue is other bulkheads, brown is armor, and green is torpedo bulkheads. Annotations are black.

I would now like to create a 2d illustration in a vector format for publication using InDesign.

If I do IA export, I get this, which is not really suitable.

Make2d seems to work well in this instance except that I lose all color,

I am wondering what approach might work.

In Make2D, select option “maintain source layers” (assuming all elements are colored “by layer”)

What this the best way to print this thing. In rhino it’s 10644 inches long.

Is there any way to print it scaled to 1:192 one letter sized pages with a slight overlap (producing 5–6 pages)?

I would export all the ship in AI, then I would print directly from illustrator, using multiples artboards (or overlaped layouts).
Also, I would make and export a Frame Scale.

The problem I have with AI (previous post) is that the text is getting mangled.

yeah, I know it’s not always easy and it’s never a one click job.
Text and anotations are some time out of scale …etc.
If you are in a hurry, you could explode the texts that make problem.

EDIT, sorry, I didn’t read the Previous post. It looks like an encoding problem along with another scaling problem, (check ai output options)

And I don’t see an option for the character encoding.