Crashes on customer's iPad

One of my customers is having crashes on iPad when, it seems, file size went above 90mb. the same model is opening fine on my iPhone 11. [his is 6th Generation iPad with os 15.5]
*the file was opening ok on his iPad when it was smaller, but now that I added a [rhino verified, valid good] mesh [of the finished piece] and file size went up, his is just crashing.
I don’t know if it has to do with the file size or the presence of the mesh object.

thanks a lot

Is this with the existing iRhino available in the app store or the new iRhino WIP?

Sorry it’s the WIP, I didn’t even know the old one is still available.
Kindly please change the Tag if I tagged this incorrectly.
[also the other post by me reporting issues are all with the iRhinoWIP]

It’s hard to say what the real cause of the problem is. Is there any chance I could get a copy of the model to try and repeat the crash on some of the devices we have here?

Sure I’ll upload it to support [it’s a customer’s order so I can’t share publicly ]

[Edit] sent the file [mentioned this thread and your name]

thanks a lot

It didn’t just exceed the iPad memory when you made it bigger? Or perhaps he has a lot of other apps present and sucking up memory?

I need to periodically cold boot my wife’s iPad Pro to get it cleaned out and it’s got the max memory you could buy at the time (about 2-3 years ago). Things also get bogged down when she has half a dozen apps open and a half a dozen tabs open in safari with lots of pix and videos.

Thanks @AlW
He’s trying to clean up space, don’t know what apps he has [I think not many].
I don’t have an iPad myself so can only compare to how thing are on iPhone 11.

iRhino is a great tool to work with customers, [he understand it’s currently a WIP and issues are possible]

I’ll ask hime to see if he has some unneeded apps he’s ok to remove

thanks a lot

Just to clarify: I’m not talking about removing them from the iPad; just closing them down from being active in memory. With the iOS devices it’s just so easy to start an app running and then just leave it and forget it’s still taking up memory and with some apps even CPU cycles as they do various things in the background.

Not all apps deal politely with out-of-memory conditions even though Apple is supposed to vet them. Sometimes a proper app causes an OofM condition that a different app doesn’t deal with correctly and a crash or stall occurs.

Yes, you’d think by now this kind of stuff would be history, but there are just too many moving parts in Apple app land.

thanks I’ll check this with him.
How do you actually close an app [on iPad] dose it have the little on dot under it, like in MacOS ?

Two finger drag from the lower left corner slowly (not a quick swipe) holding the two fingers until a set of thumbnails of all the open apps appears. Once they appear the display can be scrolled side-to-side to view all the apps. To delete (close) one use one finger to drag it toward the top of the screen until it disappears. To close the thumbnail view just one-finger tap the background and it will close.

It may take some experimenting to get it right.

Thank you
I’ve relayed these instructions to my customer, hopefully in the evening he can try if this helps on his device.

Did you ever send in the file that was causing problems? I never got any notification

Yes I did
about 10 minute after you asked for it [days ago]. along with link to here, and your user name… must have been something with the upload page.
I just sent it again now.
Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 22.43.00

thanks a lot

Kyle found it and gave it to me; thanks

I wonder if this is just a coincidence. Our latest release on TestFlight has a crash on older devices when in shaded mode. Have your client try opening the sample Rhino logo model. If the shaded mode crash exists on his/her iPad then even the Rhino Logo will crash.

He was able to open this same model [in shaded mode] before it had the mesh version of the ring added.
Specially with SubD parts, I often export to ZB and do booleans and other details in there, Sending it back to Rhino, and exporting the STL from Rhino.
So once the mash was add, he got the crash, and he got the crash also trying to open the .STL So I thought he crashed because of the mesh wires being so heavy, I tried saving the file [its’ on dropbox ] with the mesh display set to not show mesh wires but this didn’t help. it could be that his iPad was too clattered @AlW Suggested fully closing other apps… I need to check [tomorrow] with my customer if he has done that and have him try again.

thanks a lot

It’s always hard to tell if someone updated the app in between tests. If he can still open the old model you sent then that eliminates the possible cause I was thinking of.

I’ll ask him to try with the current release. He is away, so only on Monday.

thanks a lot