iRhino WIP on iPhone 6/7

Is there a file size limitation…? It crashed on the first file I tried to open. I think it’s around 65 megs.


It’s even crashing on a 9.8 mb file. Leave it to me to break it.


Can you send me one of these models? I fixed two crash bugs this week and would like to make sure your crash issue is resolved before releasing a new WIP build.

Here you go…I just copied a corner of the larger file.
Emory-RRR-app–.3dm (9.3 MB)


Thanks; I’m not able to crash with the latest code so hopefully this will work with our next release. If you see a crash after we put out another release, please let me know

The file size limitation is based on available memory on your device. But it should be in the range of almost 1 gigabyte for a modern iPhone, so I don’t think your issue is file size.

I took out the items imported from Revit and it opened just fine.


Brian, please try the latest version of iRhino WIP that we just released today. I would like to make sure that it is no longer crashing with your models.


Still crashing. Other older files are opening just fine


Is it crashing with the file that you posted above?

Yes it is

@brianscottwheeler sometimes it’s not clear if Testflight automatically updated the app or not. Can you verify the version of the app you have installed matches the screenshot below?
You can get here by tapping the “Rhino” logo on the left panel.

Yep…Same version.

We’re having a developer test on an iPhone 7. We might not be able to support the 6 and 7 iPhones as I suspect they will not update to iOS 16 when it becomes available.

I have a 7…Looks like it’s time to hit the boss up for a new phone.

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The file I attached above works just fine on one of the ipads here at the office…It’s running ios 15.5. So the crash is related to my dated iphone 7.

We were able to repeat the crash on an iPhone 7. It relates to the phone not supporting some of the display features we assume exist. I can see if we can work around this, but we might just not be able to support the iPhone 7

I was able to work around the crash that you are seeing on your iPhone 7, but it looks like the app will probably crash for that model as soon as you go into shaded mode.

I’ll try to keep the iPhone 6/7 working as good as possible, but we most likely will not support these phones in the future. Apple will be releasing iOS 16 this fall and they dropped support for the iPhone 6/7 with this new version of their operating system. We will most likely make iOS 16 the minimum operating system for iRhino this fall which means this new version of the app will not be available on the app store for these phones.

@brianscottwheeler today’s release should let you open your models on your iPhone7 and will probably still crash when you go into shaded mode.

They will open but even in wireframe all the line work isn’t always visible depending on how the model is rotated. They do crash in any shaded modes.