CrashDump files and ReadOnly Mode

Hi there,

since R8 crashes quite often for me, i get a notification when i re-open Rhino after a crash that the last file can be recovered. Once i have opened the recovered model, i can use SaveAs and save under a new name.

If i then try to open that file again, eg. on the next day i get this warning message:


If i click on “Open Read-only” i can not save over this file. Using SaveAs to save under a new name does not seem to cure it. I get the same message once i try to open the file at a different time. Those files are not write protected btw. Any clues whats going on here ?


Hi Clement, is there a .rhl file in the folder?

Hi @Japhy, no but i’ve found a file named “RHI4E39.tmp” in the same folder which has the same size as the one i’m only allowed to open in read-only mode. Deleting this file made no change.

Disabling that option in your image has no effect, the warning still comes up when i attempt to open that file.


Is this on a networked drive or cloud drive? The tmp file is part of the save process which seems to have been interrupted.

Hi @Japhy, it’s on a local drive. I’m not sure why but after i have disabled file locking and restarted windows i can open and save the file without a warning.


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