Crash while printing

Um. Rhino 8 is crashing every time. and I’m trying your workaround -Print P — still not responding - please help! @Trav @stevebaer I’m not sure if it’s because of my display modes but I can’t even get it to preview… Please advise !

HI Zale_orcid,

Can you post your systemInfo? if possible a file as well, if need be zip and send it to us privately here.

Hello @zale_orcid
If you install the latest release candidate 8.3 you don’t need to use the legacy print command. It is already solved in 8.3

Rhino - Download - Rhino 8 for Windows (

Sorry! Got a little anxious… I’ll try to send something this week - working a deadline. I had to change monochrome to pen — although it doesn’t look how I want, it was the only way to speed up and get done… thanks for the prompt response. @tay.othman I just downloaded 8 not too long ago - I’ll check to see if this is a more recent version, thank you

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Struggling to print those Monochome detail views.
Lots of crashing.
Latest release candidate 8.7

Are you seeing the crashes with vector output or raster output when printing? We try to generate vector data for printing of display modes like monochrome in Rhino 8 which is why I’m asking.