Crash when undoing a lot and Clipboard is empied

In Rhino 6 I have on multiple occasions experienced that Rhino crashes when holding Ctrl-Z down for a while IF rather complex stuff is undoed.

I have never experienced this in V5, and I often Copy to clipboard (Ctrl-C) and then undo quite a bit to go back the an earlier iteration of the shape and then paste the stuff I needed to keep, but this clipboart stuff is deleted too IF it crashes. Why is that?

Hi Jorgen - do you mean you actually hold Ctrl-Z and let Undo just run repeatedly, rewinding the actions? I’ve never done this - I use UndoMultiple… but I’ll try…


Yeah… I hold that thing down. It worked fine in V5, but some kind of overload happens every now and then in V6 IF it is undoing a memory heavy or calculation heavy operation.

I have not fond a consistent behaviour though, sorry for that, but this stuff is difficult to bugtrack, and time consuming…

This has also crashed my Rhino 6 multiple times. I try to remember not to do that.