Tapping undo rapidly

Tapping undo rapidly, will cause Rhino to crash, especially if there where some heavy operations involved. That happens on all computers I tested.

I can understand it is an abuse to do so, as computer RAM is not intended to work that way. but I do it when I am looking to find a piece of geometry I need to copy and bring back. I have to visually inspect what I am undoing.

One way to avoid this is not to tap so quickly.

Could there be another way to help the user not flood the memory and cause a crash while undoing?

Does it crash, or just hang while it tries to do what you want? I experienced in testing something for Jørgen today (in another thread) that undoing a bunch of stuff (in this case thousands of points added to the document by a script) hung for a long while (minutes) but eventually finished… Not that I think the behavior is acceptable, just curious if it really crashes or if it’s still alive and just overloaded…


Hi Mitch,

Its crash, I would not mind hangs.
Undo multiple never crashes.

I have experienced this as well, I haven’t tried to recreate it but it has happened a couple of times. Now I am more careful when quickly undoing.