Crash when opening Rhino 7 with plug-in installed for Rhino 6


After having my plug-in installed for Rhino 6, and working well there, when I open Rhino 7 in the same PC it freezes at this point:

Then it crashes and closes. I sent the corresponding confidential report to McNeel.

I wonder how to fix this? My installer properly registers Rhino3DMedical plug-in following Rhino - Registering Plugins (Windows) (for Rhino 6 version)

I have an installer that registers and installs properly only for Rhino 7, but I would like to have one that installs for both of them if in the same computer.

Thank you,

Can you send me your plugin? I’ll try to repeat this freezing issue to see what the cause is

Hello @stevebaer,

You can download it from here

Thanks for your help,

Hi @stevebaer ,

Did you have a chance to try the installer?
I just updated the link because we need the previous one. The new one also reproduces the issue within Rhino 7.


Not yet, sorry. Trying to do too many things at once

Yes, no worries, it’s not very urgent.


Hi @stevebaer,

I fixed this. The problem was a mismatch between the GUID of my plug-in and the actual GUID I was putting in the registry. Now it’s solved.


That’s great to hear. Thanks for letting me know