Crash - saving on a network storage

Rhino (6.4.18107.1041, 17/04/2018) on win10.
It crashes when I try to save on a network storage, it works whell if I save on my desktop.

double checked my network connection, no idea of what to do.

Hello - thanks for the report - are you just straight saving Rhino files, not exporting etc to different formats? Do you get any crash report feedback from Rhino when it crashes? If you are given the opportunity to send a crash report, please do that, it will help us troubleshoot the problem.


Hi @pascal, it crashes while saving, not exporting.
I’ve sent all the crash reports.

This is happenig since 6.2, more or less,

Are you running multiple concurrent sessions of Rhino V6 on your computer when this saving problem occurs?

Is this network storage folder one you have full rights to, or just read-write?
If you save to your local C: drive, then copy them to the network drive, do you have the same problem?



I can copy the file (saved on my desktop) to the storage folder, but, if I open it from that folder rhino crashes while saving.

Then there must be something unique or special about that folder.
You’ve proven to yourself that using a local C: drive folder does not have this problem.

I wonder what the difference is…
I’m out of ideas

i understand, but rhino5 doasen’t crash on the same storage
before 6.2 (more or less) there where no problems.

I’m working on the same storge since 2016, nothing is changed.

I’ll run it by the developers to see if they have any ideas.
Very strange.

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Problem solved updating my Synology’s firmware.

Thanks @andy for helping me.