RH7 - crashing after save

RH7 (latest update) crashing after save - it seems that insert images do it (not all) and savig to external NAS storage.

Drag and drop image in to Rhino top view, set size of image and save => crash and report window.

Hello - and, the same exact procedure but saving to the local desktop works as expected?



Is there any message at the command line as it crashes? (So far saving to a network with a Picture in the file seems fine here)


Unfortunately not, or I don’t know because after press ctrl+S Rhino crash immediately.
Not all images make this crash…

Ah - that is at least a clue - can you post or send to tech@mcneel.com one of each - a crash and no-crash image? Please include a link back to this topic in your comments to tech@mcneel.com.


I worote this in first commnet…I will send you.

Thank you

ok…I am trying repeat this issue and nothing :confused: great …:confused: