Crash in Block Editor - project corrupted?

(Djhg) #1

Editing a Block in perspective view.
Created a new layer to move a surface to.
Selection filter area was blank and locked where it had been (curves only checked) so I couldn’t select surfaces.
SelectionFilter command had no effect.
Block Edit window inactive and unresponsive.
Commands could be entered on command line but no response.
File>SaveAs created blank file.
Clicking on red X (upper right) closed Rhino instantly without request to save work.

(Djhg) #2

On opening the project since the last save, the project is stuck in Block Edit without the Block Edit window showing. “Unlock” usually corrects that occurence. Not so this time. I may have lost the days’ work.

(Djhg) #3

Not stuck in block edit - misinterpreting because of locked layers. The block instance I was editing has been exploded, I presume in the state in which I saved the project last.

(Pascal Golay) #4

So - all OK now or have you hit a snag?