CPlanes has me beat ... again

Reinstalled Rhino after installing Windows 10. But CPlanes has gone cranky, and I can’t sort it out. I can see the world axes icon, which in perspective view shows z as vertical as you would expect, and if x is positive to the right, y is positive going away from you, as you’d expect.

In the task bar I toggle to World coordinates. I go to Front view, and draw a circle. Weirdly, if I toggle through the standard views (top, right, front), the size and position of the circle swap around between x, y and z. I thought World gave absolute Cartesian coordinates, but that is not what I am getting. If I use BoxEdit to numerically input say z height, it will move the object in any one of x, y or z depending what viewport I’m in. Only in Top view does the object move in absolute-z. I tried doing all sorts of things with the CPlanes toolbar while toggling CPlanes/World, more and more like a chimp at a typewriter as time wore on, but still no workee.

Assume I have the mind of a ten year old and suggest something I can set and never alter for the next 5 years, that will make BoxEdit always work according to the world axes icon, no matter what viewport I am using; just like it used to before I reinstalled my system.

Hi Ian - the default set up has World Top CPlanes in Top and Perspective, World Front and Right respectively in those views - the three planes are all mutually perpendicular and each has its own XYZ axes. Custom CPlanes in any orientation can be made as well.

Toggling World and CPlane coordinates changes the coordinates that are displayed on the status bar, it does not affect CPlanes…

BoxEdit has a switch so that you can use either CPlane or World coordinates.

Any of that make sense?


As Pascal says…

Pascal and Wim, thank you very much, that’s a great relief. I had forgotten all about the toggle switch on BoxEdit. All good now!