CPlane changes every time I enter in and out of Perspective

C plane constantly changes. I keep having to return it back to World Top. Does anyone know how to lock the 3 plane to avoid issues like this:

My guess is you have an unfamiliar combination of Universal/Standard Cplanes; (linked instead of each viewport independent), and perhaps OneView turned on.

Do you have AutoAlignCPlane enabled?

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Hi John,

Could you recommend a setting type that you think could solve this issue?

I am still having this issue. It first started after rebinding some keyboard shortcuts to move me in and out of Left, Right, Front, Back, and Perspective view.

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I do not know what is going on. Very strange.

I guess if it were me, I’d reset the Rhino PLIST:

Any luck?


I am not sure how to determine whether or not this is enabled.

That’s a Rhino 8 WIP command. If you enter it, you’ll get a little menu in the left sidebar that shows, whether the option is enabled or not.

Screenshot 2023-04-06 at 23.13.32

In this case it would be, since the box is checked.

Hey John. This did not solve the issue. I ended up downloading AppCleaner to complete wipe all rhino install files, cache, and libraries. Then I redownloaded. Problem resolved.

Thank you for your input.

Thank you for this.

I’m not familiar with that tool.
Thanks for reporting back.

You are welcome. It is a bit of a work around as I never learned the root cause of the issue. Oh well.

I am having this issue also in R7 Win. When returning to Perspective it retains the previous views CPlane. I’m using keyboard shortcuts to switch views, Ctrl+ function keys.

Adding _CPlane _World _Top to the end of the keyboard shortcut macro doesn’t consistently return the cplane to world top. Running it a second time does though. (Aside - Even using the button doesn’t always return the cplane to world top in perspective view, a second click usually fixes it.)

Hi Nick -
Please provide the macros that are involved here.

Ctrl+F12 - Perspective '_SetDisplayMode M S _CPlane _World _Top
Ctrl+F11 - Top '_SetDisplayMode M W
Ctrl+F10 - Front '_SetDisplayMode M W
Ctrl+F9 - Right '_SetDisplayMode M W

Universal Construction Plane is in use. Perhaps this is the reason for the odd behaviour.