Cplane and Grid guides

In the image I have here, it’s a Right viewport with cplane set to World Top.
This lets me move any object select constrained to a vertical direction only in this case.
However, if I want to next move the object by snapping from one grid point to another, I would have to change the cplane to something like World Right to get a grid to snap to.

I was wondering, to save steps(moving between selecting cplanes), if it’s possible to just have a ‘grid-guide’ planar to any view in addition to whatever cplane is active?

I hardy recommend to keep the c-plane in the right view to cplane world right.

I use grid-snap in very very rare situations. It is much more powerful to use coordinate input or other modelling aids.

Also check relative coordinates.
you can move from any point, then
will move in c-plane coordinates:

x = 12.34
y = 56.7
z = 8.9

you can prefix a w for world relative coordinate

or just enter a length, then use shift + mouse click to get a temporary orthogonal snap with the length entered.

Read carfully through those 2 very helpful sections of the help.

there are a lot of so called modelling aids

and more stuff about how to snap and input coordinates.

hope this helps - kind regards -tom

Note also that in many situations, it you turn on Project in object snaps, moves involving snap points will always be in the active CPlane because the object snaps are all projected to that plane. Handy for moving 3D objects in an orthogonal viewport.

That depends on ones purpose and workflow.
Many times it’s the opposite. Able to do what I suggested is many times is much more efficient and quicker for myself in many cases.

There’s nothing there that does for what I suggested previously.

Yes it is handy. But in the case I suggested it becomes a ‘hindrance’, since I have to change the cplane while in an Ortho view, which results in losing a grid snapping because I am now looking at the cplane from it’s side - although I now have the desired vertical movement. After which I have to change the cplane back to facing ortho view if I want to start using grid snapping for my next steps.
It’s actually very very minor nit picking on my part - Just have to remember that there’s a different between viewport views and cplane orientations (which having them separate means and I can appreciate, greater flexibility for different work flows).
What I was suggesting is to have a dual existing ortho view grid/cplane concurrently…and a quicker way to ‘select’ either or. But really, right clicking viewport tab and changing cplane is really not cumbersome or takes too long to do - again, just nit picking.

I like the Project option you suggested, but it only works with the initial selecting picking of a position, not the final position - In the case of a move for example.

give an exakt workflow of what you re trying to do

  • and for sure there is a more convenient workflow then setting the cplane to World Top in the Right view.

my guess:
_move _vertical
in perspective with cplane keep/set to default world top will do what you re after.

IMO, this is very poor practice, as it essentially eliminates the possibility to draw anything in the Right viewport without changing the CPlane to something which is not “on edge”. In general I suggest to never change the CPlanes in the standard orthogonal viewports because it will make for unpredictable behavior - but of course you are welcome to model any way you want.

This is not correct - if Project is on, all object snaps or mouse picks outside of an object are projected to the active CPlane.

In the perspective viewport, true, there is no grid snap in the vertical direction. This is the first request for that I remember having heard in the many years I have been hanging out here…

But that’s the ‘only’ way to move an object ‘vertically’ in an ortho/planar viewport to another object point that doesn’t have/lie on the same planar position in real world position.

It is correct in what I said. That’s what the image I cited shows. I wasn’t drawing in perspective viewport…I only moved to that viewport to show what happens even if I stay and execute that move in the ortho/planar viewport.

I already did with my initial post. But if you want an elaboration, I need to ask how much are you familiar with Houdini? - Since my workflow involves working with both software - and using Rhino as I originally described is optimal for my purposes.

Yes, that is what I typically default too but many times it’s more convenient and useful to be able to do moves/rotations in ortho/planar viewport views.

Sounds like you want to use Project, SmartTrack and Ortho together.

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still not convinced … but …

maybe a macro that set s the cplane, calls move vertical, resets the cplane ?

_cplane _world _top
_move _pause _vertical _pause _pause
_cplane _undo

Yes, that’s exactly the behavior I want as you have in the video.

Before posting here on this topic I did have SmartTrack and Ortho active, but not Project, which is why I tried changing my Right viewport to use World Top for the vertical movements. But with your suggestion of Project too, I forgot to revert back to World Right. So yes it works as you say. Thanks