Count selected entities?

If I select a curve and a group comprised of two curves, I have selected two - excuse the lack of a better term - “selectable entities”. I’d like to have a command that counts these entities, and in this case returns: 2

hmm- yeah- I can see how that could get a little complicated in the way of a quick fix via Python. I will add it to the wish heap for now.

@feklee, in case it helps, I do have a script to count selected objects, but it does not take into account the grouping.

HowMany (2).zip (455 Bytes)

Unzip, and then drag and drop the rvb file onto Rhino to add

HowMany (counts selected objects)
HowManyScene (counts the objects in the file)



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Thanks for the script, but it doesn’t really help, precisely because the grouping is not taken into account. I am working with curves, and the number of selected curves I can already see in the properties tab.