Corrupted file: Target_name cannot be resolved

This error (that prevents opening the file) has been reviewed by David on one occasion here, but I need to ask because not being able to access that file is a very big loss for my, the file contains scripts with many hours of work and (most importantly) had resolved certain problems which I have not been able to solve in the past two days. I’m pretty screwed.

So I wanted to ask if there is any possibility, however remote, to retrieve the code within some components. Perhaps there on my computer a temporary/autosave/shadow of that file? or a customized document reader (de/serialize) could access? I’ve tried using gh_IO but went 0 bytes even though the file has weight.

The file is clinically dead? or it is possible to hack? Any madness is welcome. :confused:
Thank you very much.

have you looked through your GH autosave? should be in C:\users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Autosave. As long as the file was saved once, it should have generated an autosave in that folder according to GH’s default behavior. It sounds like the chances of recovering the actual file are quite slim.

Ohh Andrew, I want to hug you!
I had searched by date unsuccessfully, but now tried searching for similar weight and after the tenth file has appeared!
Thanks for making me look again! I was going into the complicated, as always.

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Glad you found it!!

Hello Dani, could you tell me how and where did you manage to find the file?