Corrugated Metal in Grasshopper

I’m trying to create a corrugated surface (with thickness) that is able to bend lengthwise (like corrugated aluminum would). Please provide suggestions!!

Have a look at the attached definition… (10.2 KB)

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Thanks so much! Does this one bend along the x axis or y axis though? It looks as if it is bending in an unnatural way for corrugated aluminum to bend.

It really wasn’t very clear from your description, though I assumed you wanted it to bend in the other direction:

like corrugated aluminum would

You’re right I should have attached a picture or explained better… I was thinking:

Try to use “Flow” in GH R6. (jackalope plugin in R5)

CorrugatedSurfacePanel_reV2(Flow).gh (11.5 KB)

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Great! This is working out well so far. However. when connecting “Divide Curve” to “Flow”, it doesn’t seem to be through any portal, the connection just seems to be coming out of the box. How does this work?


Why did you do that? Connecting to where? In this case, divide curveonly works for generating an example target curve for Flow. You can use your own custom target curve.

In the picture you emailed that is what I see happening… is that wrong?

I circled in red where the Divide curve is connecting to Flow, is it
connecting through the P to C0?

-Virginia L

It’s frustrating. Did you ever open the attached definition and check it?