Core-hour licensing for Plugins

Hello Team McNeel! I have created a plugin that uses CloudZoo, it’s working all fine. But I also got a request for on-demand licensing, like your core-hour billing option on Windows Server. Is it possible to implement that for plugins? Thanks.

Hi, can you tell me more about how you expect to use core-hour billing from a plug-in? I think it’s possible, technically, for us to allow your product to run in this scenario - but I think there are a lot of details to work out. For example, how do you expect payment to work? Are you expecting to build your own recurring payment system to do the actual payment processing?

Hi Brian,

Yeah, I can build the recurring payment, no problem, as long as it can track and report the core-hour used, then I can just bill the client.

OK, I need to look into the APIs we have available to do this. Do you mind if I move this conversation to email to work out the details?

Thanks Brian. What is your email address?