Copying previous model settings doesn't work

Hello, I encountered a problem when trying to copy the view settings from previously uploaded models on the ShapeDiver platform. Even with the right model selected, the settings don’t seem to transfer into the new uploaded model, instead the default settings are applied.


I am facing probably a similar issue, I never managed to transfer the setting of a scene - specifically Light setup, background color. Since We paying great attention to the visual aspect and the setup is quite demanding. Is there a way to make it work?

@user1565 we are working on a fix, likely it can be rolled out already tomorrow. Seems this was recently introduced due to a preparation for our new platform, which brings a complete overhaul of this functionality. Please excuse the inconvenience.

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@DanielK1 please see my previous post

@user1565 it’s taking longer than expected, but we identified the issue and a fix is on the way…

@user1565 a fix for this problem has been rolled out, could you try again and provide feedback?

After a quick test, seems to me work, thanks for fixing that function, and it’s going to help us in development :wink:

Many thanks for your feedback @DanielK1!

Did you try the new platform yet? You can find it here:
It’s still in beta, but very well advanced. You can use it in parallel to, no problem. The functionality for copying settings has been improved a lot on the new platform, as an example you can apply settings of other models at any time in edit mode.