Copy lighting setting in new version

After switching to the new platform i cant find the copy settings for lighting etc like in the old platform. Where can i find this? Hope it hasnt been removed…

You can read about it and see a short video about this feature in the new platform by scrolling to point c) of this blog article: Open Beta Invitation: Take A Sneak Peek At What's Coming!

We will add more detailed documentation about this feature soon.

Thanks for the nice article, and I was wondering if I can still change the light or camera settings after I import it to a model.
I tried to, for example, use the light settings from Model A on Model B.
But then I want to adjust the settings, for example, I want to change the ambient color from White (in Model A setting) to Red. As far as I tested, it didn’t process the changes in Model B.

I’m trying to understand if I can change the imported settings or not.
Or maybe I did something wrong?

Curious to know the solutions.

When you import the viewer settings from one model to the next, the settings are copied to the new model, they are not linked to the old model anymore. Therefore updating the settings in one model has no effect on other models. Of course, after you import settings in model B, you can update them as you wish still.

We are considering ways to store preset settings on the platform and load them in multiple models, but this is not yet possible and will require some effort.