Loading settings from older models - Not Norking -

Hi everyone,

It seems that the Load settings feature is not working properly.
I don’t know if i’m the only one experiencing this issue or if other people is also facing it.

I’m trying to upload a project with a couple of changes, but when I try to load settings from an older model revision (like i did several times in the past, including yesterday) it won’t work.

If you click on any of them it will just load the standard viewer settings everytime.
I also realised that an “(undefined)” tag has appeared next to every presaved Model Viewer settings.

A screenshot showing “undefined” tag on the tab Model Settings of Shapediver example models:


Thanks in advance for the help!


Thank you for reporting this and my apologies for inconvenience. It looks like something went wrong with our back end.

As an alternative workflow, you can use the re-upload feature, see the button on the model card in your library. This way you will see only the settings you want to copy.

Thanks for the back end fix Pavol.

Everything working fine now! :slight_smile: