Copying points on line to create grid (18.3 KB)
i made a logarithmic curve , moved it using exponential coefficients to create a surface, i want to divide the surface to create uv grid where distance is not same in u or v direction,(want logarithmic uv grid) im trying to copy the points from base line to the other lines to interpolate and create a grid,im unaable to do so help…

I don’t really understand what you’re doing but this might give you some other ideas? (12.9 KB)

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ok, i understood that part, now i would like to to extrude every 4 points(polygonal extrusion)with different length of extrusion, but im unable to create a surface from the points (with surface from points tool) (7.0 KB) object

You have a bunch of Null points. Instead of trying to fix the reason why I just used Clean Tree to remove them. The direction of Extrude in your diagram causes the extrusions to intersect because the surface is concave in one direction. You can skip the Negative component to extrude the opposite direction. (13.7 KB)

P.S. Avoid passing data through text panels.

Here’s a way to extrude flat surfaces (yellow group) instead of curved fragments of the lofted surface. (18.1 KB)

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