Copying from Rh7 to Rh5

Is it no longer possible to copy geometries between Rhino 7 to Rhino 5!? This will prevent me from having a reasonable work flow using Shapemodeling plugin (tools that Rhino 7 still lacks). It works if I copy to Rh6 and then to Rh5. Bringing data from Rh5 to Rh7 works.

That is correct, the ‘copy/paste to previous version’ function only works one version back.

Reason being?

Well, I guess the short answer to that is “That’s just the way it is…” The long answer might be that it’s already somewhat complicated to convert backwards one version - trying to convert all the new stuff that a previous version will not understand into things that it can - so making it more complicated by going back one or two versions was ruled out… The copy/paste actually goes through saving some sort of temp file, and that has to support both the current version plus the previous version.

(I’m not McNeel, so I do not know if that is exactly the answer, but in general they do not do this stuff without a reason)