Copying an object multiple times at specified distances

total newbie. I’m trying to lay out wing spars at certain distances multiple times and have no idea how to do this!

Hi Nate- you can use Array, ArrayLinear, or Copy, with a typed in distance constraint - set the base point for the copy and then type in a distance and Enter- the copy will be constained to that distance- you need to set the direction only at this point (Ortho might come in handy). Then, after the first copy is placed, you can set the three command line options - FromLastPoint, UseLastDirection, UseLastDistance, and then click away to place multiple copies.


Just some general info for “total newbie” :smile:

Rhino has a User Guide

Level 1 Training material

And Level 2 Training material

Investing in a Level 1 course is definitely worth the money if you plan on using Rhino on a regular basis. I did this when I started with Rhino and have had a very proficient instructor. Those three days get you over the initial learning curve bump.

Thank you very much! Rhino is awesome but soooo many options to learn!

If you like video training, I did a Rhino 5 course for About 10% of the course is free, so you can check it out without joining. Also, here is a free 7-day trial.

is there a video for this?