Even Duplicate between


I was wondering how to duplicate a piece of geometry multiple times between two points? Sketch up has it which is really useful. I know you can use Distribute but it doesn’t work the same way.

Hope this makes sense.



Hi @archiecb1

Duplicated geometries are supposed to be evenly spaced ?

Rodolfo Santos

Perhaps _ArrayLinear is the command you are looking for.



Array may also be useful,

I’m not sure I’m getting my question across right. Say for example, you have a column and you want a column copied across a certain distance. Is there a way to copy duplicates (e.g. 5) spaced evenly between the first column and the last one you made?

Sketch up has a way of doing it but never seen it for rhino. Can’t believe it doesn’t exist.

I think that’s the best way of asking it.

This way ?


Rodolfo Santos.