FromLastPoint option in Copy command (and bug)

What is the purpose of FromLastPoint option in Copy command? In other words, what kind of problem does this option solve?

Multiple copies, each one from the previous copy’s insertion point. Combined with the other two options (use last distance/direction) it’s also possible to make a constant spacing copy ‘array’ in any direction.

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False. I can make multiple copies (in Rhino 7) when the FromLastPoint option is turned off. (Rhino 6 has the same options.)

True. The FromLastPoint option must be is turned on to make this linear array. By the way, I just discovered a bug in this command. (I used Rhino 7, but the same bug is probably in Rhino 6 as well.) This bug is illustrated in the following screenshots.

When I use options shown in the first (following) screenshot, nothing happens when I press Enter key or space bar. I had to use Esc key to end this command.

When I use options shown in the second (following) screenshot, I make another copy of the object every time I press Enter key or space bar. I had to use Esc key again to end this command.

True. Lets say I want to copy an object 3 times with a relative spacing of 8.35, 9.62 and 10.71. If I don’t have the FromLastPoint option set to yes, I need to add 8.35+9.62 for the second, and 8.35+9.62+10.71 for the third, because all distances are relative to the first point. With the option set, I just enter the relative spacing for each copy.

Yep, I see that in V7 - the bug is not present in V6 though.

I logged a bug for this:

Looks like this has already been reported awhile ago and is being worked on…

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