Copy Paste stl files into 3D printing slicers for V8?

I’ve read that copy and pasting into Autocad will be a feature of v8. What about slicing softwares for 3D printing? It would be great to be able to copy an stl file and paste it into a 3D printing slicer, like Prusa’s or Bambulab’s for example. Any way this could be possible in v8?

Can this applications paste STL files that are copied to the clipboard?

– Dale

Just tested, appears not unfortunately. But if it could, then it would work? If so, I might mention it to them…

Hi Sam -

That would be the required first step, I suppose. When you CtrlC in Rhino, several file formats will be placed on the clipboard, and the receiving application will use what it can.

Okay, will send them a message at some point, thanks.

IMO, I don’t understand why you would want to do this… For the sake of convenience and saving a couple of clicks, you’re basically saying “I don’t really care about my output”.

Exporting an STL from a NURBS object without first checking what the mesh looks like is not the greatest idea. You don’t really know what you are going to get. If you copy a NURBS object from Rhino to the clipboard and want to paste it as an STL to some other program, you are asking Rhino to do the conversion for you with some set of pre-programmed settings - or the perhaps last used ones. But in the case of .stls, one size does not fit all, the optimal settings will vary depending on the size and complexity of the object, the destination printer/process and the application the part is intended for… I would not want to leave that to some “canned” copy/paste conversion settings.

Plus, if Rhino has to .stl mesh everything that you copy to the clipboard - just in case you might want to paste it to a printer program - I imagine that might slow things down if you have complex parts or lots of them.