Copy paste from lesser to higher tolerance files..what consequences?


I have lowered the tolerance to 0.5mm to make joining of surfaces easier and to suit the job tolerances, however if I happen to copy paste an object from this file to another where the tolerance is set to 0.1mm what nasties might ensue ?


As far as I know, the tolerance with which joins in polysurfaces have been made are saved in the polysurface definition. I don’t think these are updated when pasted to a document with different tolerance.

Exploding and re-joining is a definite no-no though. The best advice is to determine first which tolerances are acceptable for the job at hand, then model as accurate as possible within that tolerance and to not to rely on less strict tolerances if it doesn’t work out.

When Rhino fits edges, Trims, Joins, etc., the tolerance in effect at that time controls how the edges/trims/joins occur.
Knowing this, don’t assume they are OK in the destination file with the tighter tolerances.
Explode the polysurfaces and polycurves, Rebuild the surface edges, Join everything again all in the new file, and check for naked edges.
Modify and clean up the surfaces and curves as needed.

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