Joining Surfaces with Tolerance


I can’t combine multiple polysurfaces. I suppose, rhino can’t join surfaces unless the edges match. Can I merge it with a tolerance value? or any other ideas?

I attached the sample file.

33.3dm (451.0 KB)

You can try to force stuff together by changing the tolerances, but all that it is going to do for you is make your model even more of a mess then it already is. I would start over with good, clean geometry, then things should trim and join correctly within tolerance.

I export the geometry from Rhino.Inside revit family. You’re right. it’s not a clean geometry. I’m considering my options.

Hubore, per your previous posts you are using this for structural analysis, what exactly does Sap2000 require geometry wise? This might be better served building clean geometry in the existing families in Revit, which is where the unclean geometry is. Not necessarily rebuilding the families, but adding in elements you need for your analysis.

Hi Japhy,

After creating the geometry, I create quad mesh in rhino. I use the meshes as shell elements in Sap2000

There is probably an easier way but I am transferring it to Sap2000 after getting it to .dxf format.

I attached the sample file. Unfortunately, irregularities and discontinuities are formed in this way. For this reason, I asked how I could join it more properly. maybe I can edit meshes.