Cant join problem,,

already set smaller tolerance, still cant join ?

please help me , my seniors :slight_smile: thx


The file has 1 point, 6 curves, and 1 polysurface. Looks like the orange surfaces are missing. That said,the tolerance in the file is 0.000001, which is extremely small given that the edge tolerances in the green thing are as much as 48 times that. You might try 0.0001. If that doesn’t work, reattach the model including all the surfaces and I should be able to see what’s going on.

The green surface is duplicated in the file I downloaded. The two identical surfaces have then been joined to give you a closed solid polysurface.

Explode the green polysurface… then select and delete one of the copies (I just moved it to the side)…

…and you should be fine to join your other surfaces to it.