New Wire Feature? - Copy/Inherit Nickname

Is there an official name for the new feature that allows you to transfer/propagate Nicknames?
(new to 1.X as far as I can tell)

Drag out a wire and tap Alt, and the wire turns red. It will now cause the downstream component to inherit the Nickname of the connected node.

I discovered it by accident, and couldn’t find any references to it on the forum. But that could just be insufficient searching.

Its called a Relay. Similar to Autograph by the Elefront crew.

I like the Relay a little better due to being able to see the text while the icons are displayed.

You can also double click a wire to create and cntl+alt+down arrow to remove.

Yes, I’m familiar with relays. That’s not what I’m talking about. Relays don’t automatically inherit names. Except from each other

Er… it’s officially called… ehm… Copy. Name. Mode?

Yeah, copy-name-mode, that’s it.


Oooh, he card-reads good.