Copy from a file and paste into an other file - objects names are missing

Context: I use Bongo a lot and, as in Bongo there is no block management, I have to copy the content from one file and paste it in the host file a lot of times. In Bongo, relations between objects are displayed in the ‘Display animation manager’ with their objects names. But objects names are not pasted (objects are renamed in the host file as Object 305, Object 306 …). To be able to find my way, I have to rename each object with its original name. It is really a lot of time consuming and I have to repeat the operation each time I update the files used in the host file !

Wish: when pasting object, don’t rename them but use their original name

I have realized that it only occurs in some situations.
I have sent to support a mail “Bongo copy/pase - objects names lost and mismatched relations” with files and procedure to reproduce it.

We had a look at the problem and i just made an FAQ page about it: