Copy an object to a layer keeping all layers it uses?

I have an object with three scaled variations of it, it uses several layers each a different colour.
I wish to display it in an easy turn it on or off way, so to take it and copy it to a layer should do that, however its various colours coming from its layers will all be lost, it will take on just the one colour of the new layer I make.

How can I do this and within that new layer have the layers it uses ?

Hope that is clear enough ?


If you make a block from that object, you can place the block instance on a new layer and maintain the original layers. That’s one of the solutions. Would that work?

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Block instance thanks but NO.
awful things, deny colour change, and other things, freedom of altering the item is removed, I never get a good experience with blocks, wish they were user friendly.
absolutely hate them :frowning:
applies to V5, maybe all that has been removed by V7.


In case of the block allergy, how about setting the 3 object colors ByObject, not ByLayers (Colors, Materials), so once you put them on a new layer they keep their apperance?

I would suggest nested layers.

starting for example with



one approach would be to duplicate the parent Layer with all sublayers / objects

house - copy

now rename the layers and delete all unwanted / duplicated geometry. (while turning on and of the layers in question)
house 01
house 02
house 03


another approach would be to copy the multi-layer-composition to a new document, do the layer nesting there, copy it back to the original file.

Is there a command that when applied to the object, takes the layers and nests them etc, as sub layers of a new layer ?

That would be awesome.

Command name MakeCopyLayerSet

  1. select object
  2. run command
  3. type name of new layer

result the layers in use are copied as sub layers, perhaps with a suffix number.

…or is it that one has to seek out each layer and manually duplicate them and nest them under a new layer.
Does Rhino allow sub layers with same name as what were parent layers ?

I would like to keep colour by layer , as by object confuses me.


there is a Duplicate layer and object on the right mouse menu in the layer panel.
not sure if already in V5 (time to upgrade maybe ?)

this is what you get after copy Objects and Layer (applied to house 01)…

I have bought V8, yet to install it.
I dont have the layers as such, as they live in other layers and sub layers to suit the build.

yes I could resite them then do a duplicate, so manually make a new layer, copy them and drag them there, then thats the mission done in doing so.

To select the object and have rhino create a new layer encompassing all the layers involved in the object into a new layer would be my wish.

is that codeable ?

always some clever clog out there :laughing: