Layer Properties (Copy structure)

Is there a way to copy the objects and layer properties of a project into a different layer and keep the structure?

I am working on a cooling system for one of my Tesla’s, and while using Rhino would like to avoid having to change each object layer’s properties each time I copy that layer to a new layer. I would like the structure to remain for that object.

Duplicate Layer and Objects do not do the trick. This just copies the layers and objects to the current layer, and if these copies were moved to a different layer the structure breaks.

It would be nice if there were an option for “Copy Selected Layers and Objects to” and then the user would be presented with a window or options screen to copy to that specific layer while keeping the layer structure intact.

After manually copying layers and objects to a new layer.

I am not sure I understand but Duplicate layer and objects creates new copies of all the layers if you ask it to deal with sub layers and these have the same structure… this is not it?



Yes, it keeps the same structure and appends “- Copy” under the tree where it is copied from only. There is no option to copy to different layer.

When selecting the “Duplicate layer and objects” which were just created and moved to a new layer the structure breaks and you need to remove the “- Copy” append. That’s a lot of work.

Hm, I am too dense, I guess - do you want to copy to a new existing layer then? In my image you’d want the new Layer 01 and the new Layer 02 to appear under an existing layer, say Layer 05 and not make Start - Copy at all?


Yes, though with my request it’s quite basic. But imagine someone with hundreds of primary layers and they want to copy specific layers, sublayers and objects to other layers in a project. This can get quite cumbersome and time-consuming.

Have you used Photoshop or Illustrator before? You can do this. Allows users to copy layer data and objects to and provides the user with an option to copy to a specific layer or even to an entirely different layer in a different file.

OK, I just want to know exactly what you’re asking - if my description is correct, then I can at least write up the request and maybe see if I can prototype something for the short term - I do not recall this having come up before.
If there is a conflict - say a copied layer already exists under the target layer - do the copied layer objects just go on that existing layer along side whatever is already there?


I was surprised too, I was thinking someone would have asked.

If there is a conflict - say a copied layer already exists under the target layer - do the copied layer objects just go on that existing layer along side whatever is already there?

Are you referring to Adobe? If identical layers, masks, or effects were copied to the same specified layer it would append “- Copy”

I’m asking what you expect - should objects be placed on the existing layer of the same name, or should a new layer with a decorated name be created - those seem like the two obvious ways to handle a conflict…


For me I would expect both. There are instances where one would want create duplicate layers and objects on the same layer, and instances where one would want to copy specific (selected) layers and objects on multiple layers that are already present.

Dear @bandaid
you should start with a parent (container) layer already containing your child(nested) layers

… …Fan_Shroud
… … … …60mm_1
… … … …60mm_2
… …Shroud_Outline
… … … …Shroud
… … … …Outline

if you copy those structure you get
and you only have to rename the top most layer - as nested layers keep their names. don t get appended “copy”

does this make sense ?

it would be great if dragging layers would allow to press “alt” to copy them - with only changing name if nescessary…and “alt shift” will copy layers and objects… (?)
:kissing: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
(ok concept still a bit week)
or a find and replace function on layer-names ? … so modifying the layers and if possible find all “_copy” and replace with “” (nothing) …

kind regards -tom

That would be true if one is starting out with a file, but if one has a project that contains hundreds [thousands] of layers it wouldn’t be possible. A “Duplicate layer and objects [to layer]” would be a significant time-saver.