Copying Objects to a Different file copies layers?

When I copy objects from one file to the another, I usually use the following sequence:

  1. Copy
  2. Paste
  3. Change the layer to default.
  4. Cut

  1. Move to the other file
  2. Paste

When I copy objects between files, Rhino frequently creates layers in the destination file with the same name as in the source file (sometimes even nested layers) that are empty. In other words, these are not the same layers as those containing the copied objects.

So I can delete these newly created copied layers without geting a warning that they contain objects.

I was wondering if this was the expected behavior that empty layers can get created upon a copy? If so, when is this supposed to occur?

My experience:

  1. object layer
  2. any parent layer(s)
  3. current layer
  4. parent layer(s) of current layer (?)