Coordinates in statusbar hard to read

The usability of the coordinate display is a regression from V7.
In V8 it’s not easy to see what the Y/Z values are.
After the axis letter is a space, and the separator is a space as well.
It was much better with the separate panels.


If it’s not wanted to go back to separate panels, then axis names in lowercase and no space after the axis could help.

x11.230 y34.120 z56.412
X 11.230 Y 34.120 Z 56.412

BTW, there is a decimal separator mix in V8, see here:

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Or, vertical bar separator:

X 11.230 | Y 34.120 | Z 56.412


Even better!

Thanks, I added
RH-77445 coordinates are harder to read in V8

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How about this?


this is how it currently looks (in 8.5 I believe)

I mean the text colors.

I just wanted to point out that the capitals were replaced for lower case, and spacing has been improved. I still prefer the way it was displayed int Rhino 7 though. But we’re fighting a bit with available space. I’m not a fan of those colors, but maybe a toned down version could work, idk.

Not a fan of the current display either, I still like my vertical bar separator idea above the best… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Or go back to the 3-box solution, which was quite clear iMO.

I don’t know why making x,y,z small letters instead of capitals is thought to help, IMO, it’s the opposite.

Elsewhere - such as EvaluatePt, there are no X, Y, Z letters, just numbers separated by commas.

As far as the width of the whole box goes, just remember we sometimes have to accommodate very large numbers (georeferenced files):

You could imagine if the Z coordinate was also large in the above it would indeed take up nearly the whole width.

As mentioned in this other topic, it would be nice if all coordinates could display the same number of decimals.

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